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1.    How much is a 1 hour party?
For a 1 hour party that includes travel, face painting, a magic show and balloon animals the cost is $150.00.  Each additional hour is discounted.

2.    What my child is afraid of clowns?  What are my options?
Paisley doesn’t have to come as a full clown!  Paisley “lite” comes festively dressed with no makeup or wig.  

3.    How long is a typical party?
A typical party is an hour.  However depending on the amount of children (usually 12 or more) more time is required.

4.    What types of events can you perform at?
I have performed at company picnics, company holiday parties, birthday parties, anniversaries and store promotion events!  I can provide entertainment for just about any occasion.

5.    Do you offer a discount?
I don’t typically offer discounts, but If you book for 2 or more hours I do discount each successive hour.

6.    What will Paisley the Clown do?
Since each group of children are different I call in advance to discuss the details of the party.  Typically I will begin each party with face painting, next comes a 15-20 minute magic show and finish up with balloon animals.  With longer time I can also do group games or just run the whole party!

7.    What ages are most appropriate for clowns?
Children aged 3-8 are most successful ages although younger parties are ok with mixed ages of children.
**A note about balloon animals for younger children** Generally children under the age of 2 don’t appreciate face painting or balloons, which are choking hazards for youngsters that are still putting things in their mouths.  Please be cautious when requesting balloons for younger children.

8.    What kind of experience have you had with children?
I have had many years (30 yrs) working with children in my civilian life.  I’ve worked in childcare centers and have been a nanny for the last 15 years.  I am also first aid and CPR certified.  I have been a clown since 1988, so you can feel confident you are hiring a professional when you hire Paisley!

9.    What forms of payment do you accept?
I prefer cash, but I can also accept credit cards through PayPal and Venmo.  Just ask!

10.  Paisley sounds perfect!  What is the process to book her for my event?
Please contact me via email (party@paisleytheclown) or by phone(voice or text) (206-229-2537) for scheduling.

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